Huismann Award

In 2002, the Athletic Directors of the GGCL unanimously supported the suggestion to institute the Mary Jo Huismann Award. Coach Huismann has demonstrated exceptional service and dedication to the Girls' Greater Cincinnati League with 30+ years of time and effort. She has certainly improved the opportunity to participate in sports for young women in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Beginning in the 2002-03 school year, the Huismann Award has honored students from our League for outstanding service and dedication to their school's women's sports programs.


Bruk Getnet, Mercy


Katie Guban, McAuley

2009 - 2010

Ethan Fink, Fenwick

Faith Rinklin, McAuley

2008 - 2009

Adrian Heflin, Alter

Michael Purves, Badin

Jennifer Nicholson, Chaminade Julienne

Chelsea Meyer, Seton

2007 - 2008

David Richard Southam, Alter

Lauren Hadden, McAuley

2006 - 2007

Evan Brown, Alter

Evan served as the women’s basketball and volleyball team manager for 4 years at Alter High School. When asked why he decided to participate in the athletic activities of his school he said "My sister played basketball when she went to Alter and I knew what a good program it was, so I volunteered to help out with anything I could."

Katie Bates, McAuley

Katie served as the basketball team manager for 4 years at McAuley High School. When asked why she decided to participate in the athletic activities of her school she said “I was cut on the last day of tryouts. I was very upset as I thought this meant I would no longer be able to be involved in a sport that I love and was pretty good at. While God Did not bless me with the height and speed that the coaches thought was good for the team, God did give me the love for the game and the desire to stay close to it and perhaps take it to another level.”

Kristen Cassedy, St. Ursula

Kristen served as the volleyball team manager for 4 years at St. Ursula Academy. When asked why she decided to participate in the athletic activities of her school she said “I wanted to be a part of the great tradition at SUA. Despite being physically handicapped, I still have a true passion for sports. By scorekeeping, I was able to experience the fun and excitement of SUA volleyball.”

2005 - 2006

Kristin Reeve, Alter

Kristin served the Alter women’s basketball program as a sports medicine student aide for 4 years. When asked why she decided to dedicate so much time to athletic activities as a non-player, Kristin responded “I decided to become a sports medicine student aide in order to better prepare for college and beyond. I have always had a strong interest in medicine, and I hope to become a doctor someday, so sports medicine seemed like a good fit.” Kristin also noted that she enjoys helping others. Those were her original reasons for becoming a student aide, but she decided to continue this work due to the close friendships she made with the members of the teams and other student aides.

2004 - 2005

Todd Stuart, Alter

Todd became affliated with the Alter Women's Basketball program as a junior. He was asked by Coach Hart to join the Practice Squad. The Practice Squad provide scrimmage players for the girls team and assisted Coach Hart in other practice and game management.

Heather Koch, Mercy

Heather served as a manager of the Mercy varsity basketball team. Heather was in charge of setting up equipment for practice and games, helping at practice, keeping stats, and “helping Coach Huismann with all the little things.”

2003 - 2004

Lindsay Turpin, Mount Notre Dame

Lindsay served as manager of Mt. Notre Dame basketball teams all 4 years (3 varsity), President of the Girls’ Athletic Association, organized basketball camps at Mt. Notre Dame for 3 years, and served as a communication link between the coaches and athletes.

2002 - 2003

Kieran Duggan, Alter

Keiran has served as basketball manager for 3 years. He was in charge of preparing the facilities for games and scrimmages. He also served as captain of the "P" squad (practice squad - to scrimmage the girls team).

Joel Sackenheim, Badin

Joel served as the Voice of the Rams for both girls and boys soccer and basketball and served as the Ram mascot for 3 years.

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